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WTF is this

A common X-Win...I mean Booster Frame

Cquote1I wanna drive the Booster Frame very fast and honk da horn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11!!!1!!!!one!!!!!!11!!Cquote2
— A stupid Noob on the Booster Frame
Cquote1In Soviet Russia Frame Boosts youCquote2
— Yakov Smirnoff on the Booster Frame

The UNSC Booster Frame was created when top UNSC officials won a court case against George Lucas as to who created the X-Wing. In order to not arouse any more suspicions or penis' the UNSC decided to transform the X-Wing into a new piece of crap called the Booster Frame. The prototype was a total failure that resulted in the Booster Frame crashing into the North Tower of the World Trade Center. Bungie was then sued for flying an ugly X-Wing in restricted air. Due to a backlash of funding the UNSC could only build 5 Booster Frames which were immediately sent to be destroyed in the war with the Fuckenant. But then a certain whore ruined everything by ordering them to be used by Spartans as a fast attack pigeon in order to rescue her in Halo Legends from Covenant rapists. They were all obliterated there.


Now to explain the suckage qualities of the Booster Frame. First off it is a Human vehicle. That is where it first failed. Second, it has the weapons that give it the fighting power of a toaster strudle. Armed with a mini PAC Cannon, guns, and some missiles. In Halo Legends when all those Seraphs were destroyed when bullets from the Spartans' Booster Frames hit them, those Seraphs self destructed in order to give the impression that the Humans are a worthy adversary. Booster Frames also have the urge to crash into things in order to rid themselves of the driver by commiting suicide. Booster Frames are also very fast. This might sound like a good thing but its not. Flying so fast the pilots will yell to their little homies,"Z0MG! L00k 47 h0w f4s7 m3 is g01ng! BAHEWAZAGAR-SCHWARTZENAGAR 101!" Only then the pilot crashes into a ship or a tower or another Booster Frame. The reason why the pilots are such idiots is because the flight instructions were printed in Japan, so the pilots couldn't read gibberish. After reading this article, Master Chief and his Spartans yelled "Fuck It" and threw their Booster Frames into the trash.

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