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Cquote1AHHH! Please, don't! Stop!!Cquote2
— A Marine frightened of the sharp pain
— A noob
Cquote1Ah, yes, right there! Give to me, baby.Cquote2
Johnson having a good time with the medic

Biofoam is a medical item used to stop a person from bleeding while still keeping the person alive while he/she screams in agony as the biofoam is very painful. The foam is used to help bleeding stop and the bad thing is that it contains lots of napalm, alcohol, and acid with salt for "antibacterial purposes." However, the effects of coagulation and all that complicated and long medical terms are temporary. So, if you had a gunshot in your heart, in your liver, and in your brain, and somehow a medic saved you with biofoam and later dies, leaving you without medical help, you are screwed.

Originally, Biofoam was described as being able to "numb pain" in its description on the MJOLNIR Mark VI armor, however, Bungie has made up bunch of lies and contradictions, so it does not "numb pain". This raises questions about why it doesn't have numbing powers to help Marines hookers, though most people went with the simple answer that Biofoam was created by emos.

The procedure of applying Biofoam to a person is rather simple (If you're a medic with years of experience that is). Just find a wound, make that wound bigger with your Combat Knife or Frag Grenade, and pour a bottle of Biofoam in to the wound. Easy? Try that when you have talking apes shooting at you with Brute Shot.

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