Binary rifle

the brand new thing to get no scopes with

"ZOMG! 4 5N1P3R W3 C4N U53!111ELEVENTY!1!"

-A noob, upon hearing of the holy triforce gun.

"Wort Wort Wor-"

-An Elite Zealot, after being shot in the toe with a binary rifle, so that he dies of super cancer. Slowly.

"--Incomprehensible screaming--"

A knight lancer, emitting a scream not unlike that of an MLG pro squeal when it loses its' favorite power weapon.

"A spartan laser? Ha. I'll just dodge it and---- OMGWTFBBQHAX0RZF***YOUBUNGIE!!!"

-An MLG Pro, after being shot in his chubby face with the Binary rifle.

"Wait... so they disintegrate? So much for my victory squats....."

-Some youtuber trying to be funny.      

The Binary rifle, also known as the Triforce gun and the Second coming of the Jesus Gun is a Forerunner sniping weapon used by Knight poledancers, which is capable of destroying your average MLG Pro in one hit. it is able to do this by firing a hige stream of 1s' and 0s', mixed with 1337 Vaders semen to destroy anything that isn't related to or isn't alive in one hit.

Word of advice- DON'T use this in a Snipers match. Each and every sniper will attempt to trace the holy jesus rays back to their source, which may end in much screaming, cussing, hurling of own faeces and being on the wrong side of a T-bag. Another interesting thing to note, the Triforce gun appears to be of American descent. This explains the gigantic laser sight, it is the Americans poor attempt at attention seeking often resulting in the death of the user. This may be a form of communication but unlike the other Pramethean weapons the Binary rifle is not very vocal.


In conclusion, if you see this gun- RUN LIKE HELL!!!!!              

In Halo 5: GradiusEdit

The Binary Rifle has been modified to be much more powerful, by making the beam linger and instantly shred Spartans and make them run for their money. It can also be effectively used as a MLG no-scope sniper.

There are rumors that the Triforce Gun in Halo 5: Gradius deserves the title of "Promethean Glory" more than the actual Promethean Glory.

Warzone InformationEdit

Rarity: Extremely Scarce

There are two variants of the Triforce Gun, the Retina Burner and the Twin Triforce.

The Retina Burner has an extended magazine, allowing for more shredding of Spartans and acquiring of money. It is Extremely Scarce.

The Twin Triforce can shred goddamn TANKS as well as Spartans. This makes it Fucking Unobtainable as opposed to Extremely Scarce.                                    

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