The Athens station. It was a place for freelancers(anyone who wants some time away from AIDs, Noobs, and Pros). You can even park your huge bad-ass frigate. The Athens Station is not responsible for any raping, ruining of crack parties (Zeana not U.S), Elites on cocaine, Spartans on LSD, 'Grunts on Ecstacy and noobiness .'


During the times when the Covenant couldn't find a place to dump their crap and started dumping it on UNSC colonies the Athens Station was being built. It had a rough start seeing how the PAC was built upside down and accidentally blew up its own geosync city Athens (Or did they?). After several hours of trying to read the manual and putting it back together an incident involving a pimpin Longsword docked inside the cannon and after three hours of deciding bets of whether the ship or the station explodes just when they fired. Regretful came with his fleet and was so pissed he started destroying things. Both the ship and the station got destroyed.


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