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Assault Cannon

IMMA FIRIN MAH ASSAULT CANNON! (overused joke is overused)

Cquote1I think Assault Cannon is a pretty cool guy, eh sh00ts huge boogres and doesn't afraid of anythingCquote2
— Anonymous 4Chan user

Brief DescriptionEdit

The Type-1337 Directed Green Goo Blaster Thingy (also known as Assault Cannon) is the cybernetic arm of the Mega Legos that shoots green Jello at Whores and it is also the Hunter's primary weapon, while the secondary being the huge shield thing that they use to crush Grunts with for fun in their spare time. The assault cannon can kill you in one hit but is easy to dodge, well it wasn't before Halo 3: ODST because they didn't shoot bombs, they shot continuous green beams similiar to the Quadlazer. Either way the shit is pretty powerful, but you cant wield it unfortunately, that really sucks because it seems like a perfect weapon to pwn things with...


The Assault Cannon's ammo is composed of pure gross stuff from the 7th layer of Hell. It's ammo includes Boogers, Snot, Jello, Puke, Goo, and Drone feces. It is not meant to hurt the target, as it is to gross them out. The Assault Cannon shoots all this nasty shit at the opponent, the opponent, when covered in all of this, will yell, "EWWW EWWY EWWWY EWWW!!! GET IT OFF! OH MY GOD I FEEL IT MOVINGQ" and die from a heart attack of being a huge pussy.


  • You can't use it
  • The other weapon a Hunter uses is a big shield to crush you and block your shots with
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