Halo Reach armor lock extended by steveallredart


What is Armor Lock?Edit

Armor lock is teh UBER AWESOMMNESS that is created by purified Gruntiness and channeled into JOMMAMMAS MJOLNIR armor, making you look cool and invincible, but for a short time tho.


Armor Lock was created by Kwarsh during the War On Pants, but he accidentally lost it in trench that smelled like genitalia, only to be found by some prophetz and created en masse and given to octopus faces and Planet of The Apes dudes. The tech was later stolen and copied by Overrated Nice Intercourse ONI people and given to teh spartans to use. People who have armor lock and PURIFIED gruntiness:

  • Oskarmandude (He rarely uses it, because he finds it nooby)
  • Oggesspartan
  • Roland Pancake wait whatstaname?
  • Vladimir Lenin
  • Josep Stalin
  • Mao Zedong (yep all commie leaders here have it)
  • Master Chief
  • Pete Stacker
  • Gruntyoverlord
  • some idiot named bob
  • Not you homo

(Note: If you hate this article, then you are an ass-smeller)

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