Run guys! They have Grunts!

Arcadia Outskirts is the 5th level in the suckiest game best game ever, Halo Wars.

What happensEdit

Well, you start off with about 7 n00bs and 4 Super Dudes running from an unknown number of Split Chins and Mini Ninjas. The A.I. says to run to some random crater and build a base where Covenant can surround you and kill you.


  • Warthog guy: Don't worry guys. They only have... Wait! They have Grunts! Run!
  • Serina: Wait, I see a crater formed out of nowhere over there.
  • Warthog Guy: Well, we might as well go. My Warthog blew up all ready. I am really going to purchase more upgrades, because we sucked in the city.

When they finally get there...

  • Warthog guy: Wait! I forgot my bunny slippers back at the start!
  • Serina: Sorry. There's a Covenant base there.
  • Warthog guy: Well, I got a present for them. Let's train a Warthog...
  • Random voice: More resources required.
  • Warthog guy: What?! We have... Oh. Yeah.
  • Pilot guy: Hey! We got survivors wanting to help.
  • Warthog guy: Good. We'll use them as a distraction.
  • Serina: The Covenant are making something "Big".
  • Warthog guy: Must be a Burger King.
  • Serina: It's a Mega Turret, idiot.
  • Pilot Guy: We got a squad of Spartans. Where should we set them?
  • Warthog guy: Just put them at the Covenant bases. This level sucks.
  • Pilot Guy: Roger. Okay, Spartans! Who wants to go to McDonald's?
  • Spartans: Me! Oooh Me! Me!
  • Pilot Guy: Alright!
  • Warthog guy: Bring me back some fries.

Level Ends...

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