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Cquote1No way in HELL am I going to do this shit!Cquote2
— Any Arbiter on their mission
Cquote1Listen buddy, if you don't, I'll show everyone those pictures of you masturbating to Spongebob SquarepantsCquote2
Prophet of Truth in response to the quote above
Cquote1Ugh, fine...Cquote2
— Arbiter in response to the response above (response inception)

The Arbiter (also known as the Arbiturd, Arbitard, Armbiter, Assbiter or simply The Dervish) is a disgraceful honorary and ceremonial rank bestowed to the most sexy strong and brave completely ass off the wall batshit crazy Elites by none other than the Ballchinians.

Missions They Are Sent OnEdit

They are sent on suicidal and very dangerous missions because the prophets hate the arbiter and want him/her/it to die the Prophets want them to regain their honor. And if they refuse, they are either thrown in the Heretic Pit or forced to watch 2 Girls 1 Cup over and over again until they die from an oversized boner or have visions of Cortana getting breast implants between Halo 2 and Halo 3. That's why none of them have refused any of their missions.

The ArmorEdit

The Arbiter armor (AKA the Arbiturd S00t) is the armor that these so-called "Honorary Warriors" wear. Dey be
Arbiturd Suit

The Sexy Arbiturd Suit.

rawkin' dat shit erreywhere dey go mayne. The armor gives them Jesus Powers. Therefore they can kick ass and rescue you whenever you're in trouble. God knows what else they can do in that suit, I mean, nobody wants to fuck with an Elite wearing that bad boy.

Famous ArbitersEdit



  • They wear sexy armor
  • They wear sexy armor
  • They wear sexy armor
  • They wear sexy arm...wait a minute I think I said that already
  • They all have deep sexy voices, but that applies to all Elites in general.
  • There is no Arbiter in Reach Around to a Spider Monkey while reciting the pledge of allegiance
  • Thel 'Vadam is the most badass sexy arbiter evar.
  • They wear sexy armor
  • The protective suit of armor that they possess in my humble opinion increases their sexual attractiveness.
  • They kill people by their good looks and personality.
  • Kayne West said that Arbiters wear the sexiest armour of ALL TIME!
  • You get boners by looking at their armor


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