What Araqiel is beleived to look like.

For those born without a sense of humour, Halopedia has an article on Araqiel.

Despite his name he is actually not a black guy. He is a A.I. who belongs to Colonel James Ackerson. He takes the form of a badass demon but once you see what he did for a living you will not think he is a badass unless you like the kind of things he did. (some of it was good)

The life of.... ARAQIEL!!!!Edit

He was James Ackerson's private A.I. and Ackerson programmed him to do three things:

  • Satisfy his sexual needs
  • Have sex with Cortana and video tape it every 24 hours
  • Spy on Dr. Halsey. (especially when she had "meetings" with the cheif)

He did very well in all of these things except satisfy his sexual needs. (only his father could do that)

Apparently Ackerson was a very forgetfull person because....

The death of.... ARAQIEL!!!!Edit

Ackerson left him at CASTLE base during the invasion of peach. Once he realized this he figured it was already too late plus he was too busy staring at Cortana's ass.

Araqiel spent his last hours threatning Halsey with Narcozine gas if she didn't have sex with him. Of course since Araqiel was a little bitch he decided not to do it and attempted to commit suicide. Just before he pulled the trigger, Halsey activated his failsafe, causing him to die a very slow and painful death. 

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