Antonio Silva was a stupid Marine, Noob, ODST. So basiclly he was a stupid retard who was addicted to Melissa McKay. He did die though so there goes one less problem in the universe.


Antonio Silva was a kiss @$$, who became a major for doing his superior Gail Purdy. One day while watching a yo mamma fight between Miranda Keyes and Melissa McKay, he then wanted to rape them both, unfortunatley only melissa he could pull rank over. So he went into a back alley and raped Mckay. Silva would pull rank on many woman but always Mckay.

Silva was personally asigned to the Pillar of Autumn by captain Keyes himself. Because there werent alot of woman onboard he would overuse one of his ODST's named Marie Postly. Soon however he would learn Mckay was onboard, he would continue to pull rank on her whenever he saw her. When the covanent attacked the Pillar of Summer, Silva dropped down onto the Alpha Hoola hoop on the best vehical the UNSC could make, yep a H.E.V one of those death traps that fall to the ground.

UnFortunatley Silva survived the fall, unfortunatley his favorite solider Postly died (no pun intended that was her name). Silva would be driven mad and kill some noobs, marines, odsts, and elites. Antonio soon foundout that Mckay survived so he was very happy. So silva would rape Mckay almost every minute.

When captain Keyes was declared dead silva was put incharge, who the hell would be stupid enough to put this guy incharge like come on even a noob would be better a the job. He then made fun of the Hulk because he's a retard and got bored. So he decided to attack the Truth and Retardation, you know it makes sense, and he got stuck by a plasma grenede.... and he survived. So he left Mckay to watch an aids infected Jenkins, jenkins now an aids zombie broke loose and raped Melissa. He did however finally die when Melissa did something even more retarded, yep she pulled a cord that held th whole ship together. YES YES HE IS FINALLY DEAD!!!!!!


  • The reason why he is so retarded is that he is the offspring of a Noob and a Grunt with Gruntieness
  • He cant go an hour without raping Melissa McKay

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