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Alpha base is the first of many shitty levels in the even shittier game, Failo Wars. It starts out real *cough* cool *cough* with the marines actually doing good and not fighting worth shit. But then the covenant realized that they can actually fire their weapons. And it finally shows the game. This is where most noobs realize this is not a shooting game and throw their 360 out the window.

Secrets of this levelEdit

There are none. Sorry. You wasted a second of your, let's say "worthless" life, filled up with hope that there may be something else remotely interesting level. If there is, well, start another section.


"O my gawd we've been here for five years!" Captain Lawnmower.

"Hey John, go pwn some noobs and pick up some whore's on the way." Captain Lawnmower.

"Soz, i'm on reach." Ickle baby chuck norris.

"Okays, John! Go fight some whore's and pick up some noob's on the way." Captain Lawnmower to Fudge.

"But i told you, i'm on reach."

"I mean the OTHER John."

And some other crap which microhard made.

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