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Aimbots are mysterious predators, ones that strike not with skill, but with the ability to hone in on targets. They are actually symbiotic parasites, with their hosts willingly accepting them; or even seeking them out. Aimbots are capable of locking onto a target's head from a mile away, and destroy it instantaniously. This causes much distress on the still-living victims part, with the most usual cries being "WTF" or "BULLSHIT", or even "OMFG, AIMBOTTER ***** **** ***** ****", and many other obsinetes. Though the host, now know as an "aimbotter", gains the advantage of instantainious accuracy; severel side effects occur:

  1. Loss of Self-Esteem
  2. Loss of interest in activites
  3. Loss of Hand-Eye coordination
  4. Massive damage weight-gain
  5. Shriveling or loss of testicles.
  6. Becoming an hero
  7. Higher risk of getting Noobitus
  8.  ????
  9. Profit!

Trivia Edit

  • Aibmots reside in, not the eye or brain, but rather in "C:/Program Files/Microsoft Games/Halo/AIMBOT.dll
  • Aimbots become extremely confused if their targets duck, causing the "aimbotter" to be owned. Much teabagging is guaranteed.
  • If someone accuses you of having aimbot, and you don't, a winner is you.
  • If someone accuses you of having aimbot, and you do, a noob is you.

What to do with an Aimbotter Edit

FireKillyea kill it with fire!!!!!!!

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