in halo 2 the arby was a full on ninja with the active camouflage but because testicle chined people are real douches they gave the arby a limited time one so he could die faster or something. Arby proved them wrong by killing the rebel elites and even there grunts. Apperantly it is immune to the powers of the grunts cuz they cant see him. In halo 3 master chief got bored of his useless light and decided to learn how use the active camoflauge so the new generation of spartan could use it yet they still cant kill even a fucking pedo jackal. active camo is also used to troll people so that makes active camo even more awesome, actually it makes it awesomely awesome. Most targets are noobs who rage especially when they die. Nooby noobs are so nooby though they try to use active camo but instead look like a cob of corn which stands out really well

Overview Edit

Active Camouflage has slowly upgraded through the Halo series. In Halo 1, it only worked on certain levels like Blood Gulch and Rat Race. It looked like a little see-through blue pyramid with an blue apricot core in its center. In Halo 2 it was only useful for 3 secounds... wait... it wasn't useful at all. Yeah that's right, Halo 2 has the worst excuse of invisibility ever. And it looks exactly the same as Halo 1's biped. Active Camouflage in Halo 3, on the other hand, has an OK version of Invisibility. If you know how to use it correctly, it can be a great tool of ROFLness. Well, only noobs don't know how to use active camouflage. That's right noobs suck. Oh and for combat effectiveness, DIE.

Useful Equipment
Gruntiness' Dumb Brother | That Green Orb Plant that heals you | The Mine that can be seen a mile away | Yellow Ball of gay-version of Gruntiness | Blue Shield Thingy
Crappy Equipment that makes you wonder why Bungie put them in Halo
Blue Ball of Suckage of life | White-yellow soup fog | Feel the breeze under you | Thing that makes radars play music and go insane
Other stuff
Good for ugly people like Brutes | Most abused by noobs | Something your mom uses everyday

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