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Cquote1Oh Yer! Achievement Unlocked! I'm better then you! Cquote2
— Noob who unlocked the "Press Start" Achievement.

!!!Story Time Everybody!!!Edit


Obama has an xbox.

Ok one day Microsoft sh4t out Xbox Live. N00bs ruled here. Then Microsoft created the 360, again with Live. N00bs rule here, but with a more annoying feature to it. ACHIEVEMENTS! As the true players thought of it as a small challenge, the noobs saw this as a form of nourishment!

Examples includeEdit

  • Excessive screaming at time of unlock.
  • Many types of masturbation as an aftermath.
  • Shouting down microphone words like "N00b" and "Im 1337"!
  • Recording the times when you unlock achievments so you can watch them again. This is called being a Achievment Whore.

Known Acheivements Edit

  • Press Start Button: self explanatory
  • Necrophiliac: Teabag an enemy's corpses, common amongst noobs
  • 1337 award: h4v3 4 64m3rt46 wr1773n 3n7ir3ly 1n "1337 5p34k"
  • Uber-Hard Ridiculously Tough To Get Acheivement: Kill 1 Grunt on Easy
  • Achievement Whore: Unlock and recording all achievements
  • Killing yourself over 9000 times: self explainatory
  • N00biness: yelling n00b 100 times on live, the most commonly gotten achievement
  • HARDER THEN Uber-Hard Ridiculously Tough To Get Acheivement: kill a fish in campaign mode
  • HOLY SHIT: Get laid*Found to be impossibe becuse noobs lack d*cks.
  • Elite Raper: Rape a Elite
  • Hunter Raper: Rape a Hunter. Found to be impossible and the Hunter ends up raping you!

Many people have unlocked some of these achievements.

Known Grunt AcheivementsEdit

  • Gruntiness: The hardest possible. Worth 1,000,000 Gamerscore.
  • Minor: Get promoted to Minor.
  • Major: Get promoted to Major.
  • Heavy: Get promoted to Heavy.
  • Spec-Ops: Get promoted to Spec-Ops.
  • Ultra: Get promoted to Ultra.
  • Deacon: Become a Deacon.
  • Kill an enemy: Self explainatory.
  • I NEED AN ADULT: Get mouthraped by a brute.

Some people who have unlocked these achievements can be seen here.

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