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Cquote1JUST LEAVE BRITNEY ME ALONE!!! *sobbing*Cquote2
— The AWOL Marine on himself 
AWOL Marine

So scared he almost killed Chuck Norris

The AWOL Marine is found on the sixth level of Halo: CE, where Ebola is discovered in the swamp. MC finds the AWOL Marine up against a wall, crying like a cowardly brave Grunt on its period. He has a Jesus Gun gun pointed to his head and is heard shouting nonsense such as, I WON'T be like you!

It is widely unknown why he was trolling, but many assume it was because three Covenant Gods saw him and demonstrated their Gruntiness, and it damn near melted his brain.

So, in turn, he threatens to kill himself, because what has been seen cannot be unseen. When most players encounter him, they shoot him on sight, as his bitching can get very annoying.

However, it is rumored that if you leave him alone, he will eventually shoot himself, giving you a Jesus gun.

He is the most annoying character in the game, besides Turkeys and Sparky. One shot with any weapon will kill him.

Only n00bs think that he can be of any use, and they usually pick up his pistol, and then are promptly infected by Flood, due to that fact that Flood see the pistol as a sign of desperation, and find it fun to molest you while you try to kill them with twenty shots.

Quotes Edit

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Cquote1NO. NO. NO!!!!! LEAVE MY PUPPY ALONE!!Cquote2
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