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Lego hornet

Bungie's original model.

The Hornet was created by the Gaming Gods at Bungie to be a Banshee fighter.

Design detailsEdit

The Hornet is the self-proclaimed ruler of the skies (as long as Sabres are absent). An armored and heavily armed Juggernaut, made exclusively to combat Banshees. This however, makes it the Scorpion tank's bitch. The Hornet pilots argue that this particular fact is beside the point.


Then, Bungie just HAD to take away the missiles on the Snow Hornet, giving Banshees a fat chance to regain glory. The Hornet missiles are heat seeking, though whenever the Master Chief fires the rockets they just turn around because they go after the hottest thing around which in this case is Cortana. After the Chief, figured out that every time he fired he died, he learned to use the Hornet's other weapon, a Gatling-gun. The Gatling-guns are powerful (like it's long lost cousin, the turret) and are great anti-noob guns. Watch them drop as they try to jump and Hijack you, only to fall prey to the Gatling guns! But of course, this being Halo, the total of six barrels fire at a rate one could handle.


Some noob running into the enemy's Hornet, thinking he will get a ride...



Look no hands!

Look mom! I'm not using my hands!

Halo 3Edit

The Hornet is only usable in one single level. Chief commits mass murder and proceeds to blow up two Scarabs.

Halo WarsEdit

The hornet is turned into the cannonfodder of the skies, much to the players dismay. After playing a match for 396452.09 hours (rounded down), the player may outfit the Hornet with a splazer and other goodies, as long as you play as the skank (like that's supposed to happen!).


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