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For those born without a sense of humour, Halopedia has an article on Heavy Machine Gun AIE-486H Heavy Machine Gun.
Cquote1okay, so a 600 year old round and a fire rate that one barrel could handle easy? no wonder we're losingCquote2
— Someone addressing minor design flaws in the Halo universe

Cquote1 I am heavy weapons guy.Cquote2
— A random Tf2 player

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This is what comes out when you cross Bungie's originality with a stand, a rotating machine gun that shoots obese bullets with infinite ammo... a bullet spammer of sorts. it go pewpewpew like real fast. It makes a fast drumming sound, like a Brute shaking a rock inside Your Momma's stomach. Only Grunts, Brutes, and Spartans can use it (Elites can't use it because they already have their own hot sauce). It is a big version of the SMG, with extra MG. In Soviet Russia, turret shoots you (In other countries, it still does).   For some reason, when it's on a tripod, a magical power comes over it causing it to have unlimited ammo. Many believe it's because Bungie has magical fairy minions, and they are strangely attracted to tripods. Possibly bcause they have good drugs. In return for the awesome cocaine the tripod provides, the fairies give it unlimited ammo. Mounted or not, there is no visible feed.

It is detachable but you only have 200 bullets and you move slower than Tarturus Yo Mama on a good day.

Also, when in Forge mode, you can use Machine Gun Turrets to go through map boundaries, such as the walls on Foundry or to go under the bases of Snowbound. You can then make custom maps with stuff in those otherwise unacessable places, or put teleporters there to give yourself a secret stash of weapons, pickups, and/or equipment (you can also hide the dead hookers and stuff in here, it will be our little secret). To do this, simply place the turret as close as possible to the boundary. Then, get on the turret and look up as high as you can until you see your body go through the boundary. Then, go into Oracle mode. You should now be on the other side of the boundary. All of your friend(s) will wonder how you got wherever you did, and you never have to tell them.

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