AV Johnson
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For those born without a sense of humour, Halopedia has an article on A.I..

A.I. stands for "Ass-Rape Intelligence". They are notorious for causing endless arguments and yelling in your ear when you really don't want it.

Apparently they were made as a sort of GPS system for N00bs, but a few turned out to be uber hotness and the only female voice that said noobs would ever hear. They also have a capability to endlessly bitch and tape over DVDs. One AI, AngryN00bis, is famous for Shoop da whooping a whole platoon of marines when he heard Cortana was having a affair.

Famous A.I. Edit

  • Cortana (queen bitch)
  • Bill Gates
  • Drugsmoker (brother of Cortana)
  • S.I.F (Sex Infringing Fucker)
  • Serina (Great GREAT grandmother of queen bitch)
  • Wellsey (british raper)

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