For those born without a sense of humour, Halopedia has an article on 7.

7 is a hypnotic device used by Bungie to dominate the world. This vile number is the 7th way noobs worship Bungie. Bungie and friends are obsessed with this number. It has been the source of several articles on Halopedia. .....wait.....

Use in HaloEdit

7 has been used in the torturous Halo series and has been successful at manipulating unsuspecting nooby Halopedians. Halo contains a lot of seven references to keep noobs occupied with the game and hypnotized.

True purposeEdit

The true purpose of 7 is to give Bungie control of the whole world. In their greed-oriented conquests however, they forgot one thing: not all of us are obsessed with seven, which means we are not addicted to crack. It means addicted to pot.

Secrets Edit

You know 343 Guiltyspark and 2401 Pentent Tangent? Well, 7x7x7=343 and 7x7x7x7=2401...thats all. Oh yeah and Master Beefs numbers is 117 so look theres a seven.

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