Alpha Hula-hoop Edit

The humans and the Covenant find the first Hula-hoop, Master Chief and Cortana have to discover more about Alpha Hula-hoop before the Covenant learn how to fire it, the Covenant release AIDS, Master Chief meets 343 Guilty Spark and yadda yadda yadda. Will I ever shut up about Alpha Hula-hoop? Let's just get to the point, Master Chief blows up Alpha Hula-hoop. Period.

Earth Edit

Master Chief chases the Covenant off earth with his guns and fists. But mostly guns. Plus he destroys a Scarab.

Delta Hula-hoop Edit

The Arbiter does most of the work. He kills most of the AIDS and murders a retarded brute. Great journey this and great journey that, will the Testicle Chins ever shut the f*** up about committing suicide!? All the Master Chief does is kill a Testicle Chin. Period.

The Ark Edit

The Master Chief and the Arbiter team up and begin blowing up more Covenant, while learning more about the Hula-hoops again. After they kill the third and final Testicle Chin, they rebuild Alpha Hula-hoop.

The Worst Level in Halo 3 Edit

Master Chief rescues Cortana from AIDS. Period.

Alpha Hula-hoop (Again) Edit

Why would I spoil a good story? Well I'll tell you that God was killed by a lightbulb but I won't spoil the ending to Halo 3!

Halo 4 Edit

Ha Ha! I fooled you!

gooby pls is accialy rl

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