Snaky is an ODST who was an early prototype for Romeo. Snaky is one of few marines who could actually handle a gun. Snaky may have been a smart marine, but he died by getting smacked in the chest.


Snaky was born Jones JoeNS. Lance corpral Snaky was an odst who was assigned to Melissa McKay's squad. Snaky became quick friends with fellow squadmates Hosky and Corly.

During the Battle of Reach Snaky served with his squad to gaurd the Pillar of Autumn. During the battle Snaky got twelve head shots and seven no scopes, "Man this is my like what thirty kill like wow im better than Jun-A266". On the autumn snaky would talk to Sergeant Johnson on how they both were better than the spartans.

During the evacuation of the autumn snaky would drop about a thousand miles to the ground in a H.E.V., he didnt even need the parachuet. Later on Mckay would leave Snaky and Hosky to help gaurd alpha base while she and the rest of the females of the squad went to rape Master Chief. Hosky and Snaky would use this time to shoot the dead body of an elite. He climbed to the top of some mountain and shot a Minor instead of a Field Marshall. How noobish.

When Mckay came back Snaky and Hosky were both surprised to find Corly was captured and Aki had died. Both would help defend alpha base from the covenant. Hosky however would die when he was killed by an elite while he was raping Mckay. Snaky and Pete Stacker would find mckay under a dead elite who had a "pickle" in her. In the end however just like most bad@## he would die at the hands of a Flood infected jenkins.

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